Information for refugee scientists and students

The Institute of Computer Science aims to support refugee scientists and students. Our faculty and research groups cover a broad range of disciplines in the field of computer science (see below "Chairs and Professors"). Refugee scientists with an interest in one of these disciplines are encouraged to directly contact the corresponding unit.


The Institute of Computer Science offers several Bachelor and Master study programs (see below "Study Programmes"). Most courses of our study programs are taught in German and all full programs require a very good command of the German language. However, we have a growing number of courses which are taught in English. Such courses can be found in the Module Catalogue for Exchange Studies (see below "Courses for Exchange Students"). Depending on individual circumstances, moreover, internships or other guest stays may be possible. If you are a refugee student or prospective student, we encourage you to directly contact the lecturer or instructor of subjects in which you are interested. Furthermore, you are always welcome to directly approach a research group working in a field of interest for you.


Below you find a link to general information of Augsburg university for refugees.

Welcome to the Department of Computer Science at the University of Augsburg

You plan to study Computer Science at the University of Augsburg? Then you have made the right decision for your future career! 


In recent years computer science has penetrated all areas of our personal, social and economic life. The use of modern hard- and software systems nowadays influences searches with Google and shopping at Amazon, driving (autonomous) cars, doing the laundry with smart resource-preserving washers as well as all sorts of wired and wireless communication. At the same time, computer science has fundamentally changed the ways and means how companies work and operate.


The website is still in a period of transition. 


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