In addition to teaching and individual supervision of students, research is a high priority at the FCTh. Through their research projects, the lecturers, doctoral and post-doctoral researchers working here are connected to the scientific community in many ways.

Research at the FCTh takes place

  1. in a critical contemporary spirit and openness to the questions and problems of our time.
  2. in the spirit of sentire cum ecclesia. Theology is an ecclesiastical discipline that reflects the diversity of ecclesiastical theory and practice.
  3. with a regional focus, in co-responsibility for the local church of Augsburg.

Regional focus of the KThF


Today, the Faculty of Catholic Theology is numerically the smallest faculty at the University of Augsburg. At the same time, however, it is a very lively faculty due to the activities of its teachers and the commitment of its students.


Although the professors and students come from all over Germany, it is characterised by a strong regional focus. A large proportion of the clergy, pastoral staff and religious education teachers in Bavarian Swabia were trained in Augsburg. Lecturers from the faculty are involved in the further training of the aforementioned professional groups. Through conferences (such as in 2015 on the Second Vatican Council or in 2018 on Cajetan's encounter with Luther), concerns of the region and the diocese are taken up. The faculty strives for good ecumenical relations with the separated churches represented in Augsburg.