Studying successfully means being well-organised. This applies to all aspects of student life, including registering for exams, paying semester fees, or requesting to take a leave of absence. These topics have just as much an impact on your studies as do exams and seminar papers. Here you can find the most important information about organising your studies.


The international office offers essential services and advice for international students.


International Office

I would like to ... 

... know about how to start my studies

Where can I find out about introductory events? How can I design a study timetable? You can find all the information you need about starting your studies here.

Studierende im Jura-Hörsaal

... get some study advice

The Student Advice and Counselling Service can help answer any questions you may have about your studies or life circumstances more generally.

Gebäudeansicht Auslandsamt und Studienberatung

... know about dates and deadlines

When does the new semester start? When can I enrol? When does my aptitude assessment process or test take place? Answers to these and more can be found here.

Zentralgebäude mit Schriftzug Universität Augsburg

... re-register

Students need to re-register for each new semester at the University of Augsburg in order remain enrolled. Find out more here.

Vorlesung im Sigmapark-Hörsaal

... de-register

De-registering from the University of Augsburg means you are no longer a member of the university. This occurs when you complete your studies or no longer wish to study at the university. Find out more here.

Straßenbahnhaltestelle Universität

... request to take a leave of absence

You can request to take a leave of absence for reasons such as illness, undertaking an internship, completing voluntary studies abroad, or due to maternity or parental leave. Semesters taken as a leave of absence do not count as a subject semester.

Eltern mit Kind im Gras
Student Hotline

Have you got any general questions that need answering? Questions about your application, enrolment, re-registering, exams, or scholarship opportunities?
Call our Student Hotline: +49 (0) 821 598-1111

Further information about the Student Hotline.