A good place to learn

The city and surrounding area

With a population of 300,000 people, Augsburg is the third-largest city in Bavaria and offers students as well as employees of the Faculty of Business and Economics high quality of life. Culturally-speaking, the city founded more than 2,000 years ago as a Roman settlement has played a significant role for a long time: the Fuggerei (the world's oldest social housing complex still in use) and magnificent Renaissance buildings, music festivals and the state theater, old craftsmen’s districts and modern museums. Since 2019, the historic water system of the city has been granted UNESCO World Heritage Site status. In addition, the surrounding area has a lot to offer: relaxing at the numerous lakes and rivers, biking in the Western Forests, a trip to the nearby Alps, or shopping in Munich.

Maximilianstraße und Merkurbrunnen

A dynamic university

The combination of being an ultramodern university and a 2,000-year-old urban history makes Augsburg one of the most attractive places to study in Germany. The University of Augsburg is a young and dynamic university in Bavaria. It is still growing, but pleasantly manageable with about 20,000 students. Eight faculties offer a broad spectrum of around 80 degree programs in the humanities and social sciences, natural and technical sciences, law and economics, theology, and medicine.
Their attractiveness extends far beyond the region. About 10 percent of the students come from abroad.

Gruppe von Studierenden am Unisee

This campus attracts students

The campus of the University of Augsburg, situated close to Augsburg city center, is one of the most beautiful in Germany. The varied, light architecture is embedded in a large park landscape with a lot of water and numerous sculptures, learning islands, and small squares. The faculties, canteen, cafeterias, sports center, and libraries – everything is within walking distance. In summer, the meadows around the campus lake provide a perfect space if students also want to learn outside and exchange ideas. Here people study, teach, research, and live! You can just feel the very essence of “university”, the lively community that exists between students and instructors.


Study today in Augsburg to prepare you for the world of tomorrow

The faculty prepares students for a successful future both regionally, nationally, and internationally in “hidden champions”, major companies or as founders of their own companies as well as in non-profit organizations, ministries, and associations. To this end, the faculty continuously develops its course content and degree programs taking into account future requirements on the labor market and in research. In over 100 courses, content from the faculty`s research fields Digital Business & Entrepreneurship, Health & Society, and Sustainability is incorporated into teaching. Particular emphasis is placed on education based on methodology as the permanent basis for a successful professional life in the practical and academic worlds. At the same time, the faculty systematically encourages critical reflection and the development of responsible personalities. The outstanding performance in teaching is confirmed by the CHE ranking, in which the Faculty of Business and Economics achieves top positions.



Generalist, specialized, and a focus on global issues

With the Bachelor’s degree programs in Business Administration and in Economics, the faculty educates the students in a generalist fashion by enabling them to acquire indispensable basic knowledge of the business and economics sciences as well as the mathematical and statistical methods required for this. At the same time, it prepares the students optimally for the broad range of requirements of specific fields of activity by offering diverse specializations in the second half of the course of studies. Within the framework of the subsequent Master’s degree programs in Business Administration and Economics and Public Policy, students can acquire more in-depth knowledge in different specializations and prepare themselves specifically for management tasks in industry or for an academic career.


The faculty supplements this offering with further innovative degree programs. To stay abreast of the challenges of a globalized world, students can devote themselves intensively to the challenges of globalization in the undergraduate business and economics sciences degree programs in an international track. What’s more, since 1998 in close cooperation with the university in Rennes, the faculty has been teaching the joint German-French Management degree program, which offers students the opportunity to take a double degree. Since 2009, the international range of courses on offer has been extended to include the Global Business Management (GBM) degree program, which to date is still the only Bachelor’s degree program of a state university to be awarded the FIBAA premium quality seal in business and economics sciences. With three further degree programs – Business & Information Systems Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Law and Business Studies – the faculty has responded in good time to increasing requirements in the areas of digitalization and Industry 4.0 as well as in legal matters.

Optimum study conditions

The faculty supports its students comprehensively and individually through information events, mentoring programs, exercises, tutorials, and seminars in small groups, capstone projects as well as courses relating to soft skills. Using practical seminars, guest lectures, and entire events hosted exclusively by people from the working world, it provides education that is not only based on methodology and specialist knowledge but is also very much in step with actual practice. New teaching concepts enable students to address specific issues that are relevant to society in a manner that focuses on solving problems, for example as part of the Social Day and through social entrepreneurship seminars. Designed to complement the professional education, there is an extensive range of language courses on offer in the Language Centre from Business English to Scandinavian languages right through to Mandarin and Japanese. To back up the specific ranges of courses, the faculty provides optimum learning conditions in the shape of numerous work and communication islands, ultramodern seminar and lecture rooms, and an extremely large range of electronic workstations directly beside the lecture rooms.

Broadening the international horizon

When it comes to research and teaching, the Faculty of Business and Economics is established internationally and can rely on a broad network of international partnerships.  The Center for International Relations (CIR) bundles the international activities in the teaching area. It provides a contact point for international exchange students and for Augsburg students who would like to go abroad. The close contact the students of the faculty have with students from abroad encourages cultural exchange, breaks down barriers, and makes people curious about each other.


The faculty is particularly proud of the exclusive WeltWeit (“WorldWide”) exchange programs for students studying business and economics sciences. It enables students to study, for example, at renowned American universities such as the University of Pittsburgh and Indiana University or to become acquainted with Chinese culture at Nanjing University. Above and beyond the exclusive exchange programs, the Faculty of Business and Economics can provide the right exchange program for everyone, thanks to its collaboration with around 150 foreign partner universities. The wide variety of English language courses in Augsburg, an international track as well as summer schools, for example, with the University of Bergamo (Italy) enhance the international profile of our students and encourage interaction with our international guests.

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