Transfer of knowledge

A central goal of research at the Faculty of Business and Economics ist the collaboration with practice and the mutual transfer of knowledge and findings. Partnerships with organizations and companies as well as cross-faculty centers such as Global Business and Law, the Jakob-Fugger-Zentrum, the Environmental Science Center, the Center for Interdisciplinary Health Research, the Center for Climate Resilience, and the Center for Lifelong Learning and Transfer of Knowledge provide the framework for multidisciplinary collaboration and knowledge transfer.



Third-party funded research

The successful acquisition of third-party funded research projects demonstrates the entrepreneurial and societal value of the faculty`s research results. This is measured by both the number and the volume of corresponding research projects. The findings from third-party funded research projects have a positive impact on the government funded research of the faculty. Third-party funded collaborations help to gather research data and create a better understanding of business and societal problems.

Reihe mit aufgestapelten Münzen

Expert placement

The close link between science and practice is reflected in the reciprocal involvement of experts. On the one hand, experts from companies and society are involved, for example, as lecturers and guest lecturers at the faculty. This enables our students to establish contacts at an early stage of their career and to gain practical insights. On the other hand, our professors are nationally and internationally respected experts for lectures and participation in corporate and social committees.

Expert Placement 2

Student placement

In addition to a sound methodological education, the faculty places great emphasis on practical-oriented teaching with a special focus on the dynamic local and international job market. Our students have a wide range of opportunities to gain practical experience through national and international internships, working student activities, and final theses with practice partners. After completing their studies, our graduates have access to various alumni networks that promote long-term contact between our students, graduates, and companies.

Gruppe von vier Personen arbeiten zusammen