International Profile

International relations are vital for the national and international profile of a university. Not only do they broaden the academic horizons of teachers and students, but they also help students and academics to become more knowledable about intercultural communication, mobility and to be more open minded!


International Network

In addition to two strategic partnerships, the University of Augsburg maintains a large number of Erasmus+ connections and cooperations outside the Erasmus+ program. These international connections enrich the University of Augsburg's scientific work and stimulate new ideas and perspectives in research and teaching.


International Programs

To ensure that the University of Augsburg can continue to meet the increasing international challenges in research and teaching and to support talented students, doctoral candidates and scientists worldwide, the University of Augsburg is working on the continuous expansion of its international offerings in the above-mentioned areas. Joint study and doctoral programs with cooperation partners worldwide, guest lecturers and foreign professors are part of the daily study and research routine at