A major part of planning your research stay is finding accommodation.


Please inform yourself well in advance!

The housing market in Augsburg is very tight due to the high number of students and the immediate proximity to Munich. Furnished accommodation in particular is often hard to come by and is quickly off the market. It is therefore advisable to look for accommodation as early as possible.


Our Service

We primarily offer initial solutions. We exclusively provide furnished accommodation that is intended for the beginning of the stay in Augsburg. Depending on personal preferences, this may involve some compromises in terms of size, furnishings or location of the accommodation.

Your Housing Search

For researchers staying in Augsburg for less than 8 weeks, we are usually unable to arrange accommodation. We are also generally unable to process requests at very short notice. In these cases, however, we can provide helpful information and tips for independent searches.

Guest Apartments

There are a few apartments on campus for researchers who neither have an employment contract with UniA nor are enrolled here. Inquiries and bookings can only be made via your hosting chair. Further information and contact details can be accessed by your chair here:

Student Dormitories

Only doctoral students enrolled at UniA can apply for places in student dormitories by semester, provided that their monthly income does not exceed the §13 BAföG maximum rate (since winter semester 22/23: EUR 934). Click here for the application:

Rental Costs in Augsburg

Experience has shown that the following rents per month can be estimated for furnished accommodation in Augsburg:
From 450 EUR – shared room
From 650 EUR – studio (1 room)
From 1000 EUR – 2 rooms (separate sleeping area)
From 1400 EUR – 3 rooms (2 bedrooms)

Rental Contract

A rental contract is signed directly by you and the housing provider. You are responsible for checking the accuracy of the agreement. You are also responsible for terminating the rental contract on time. If you have any uncertainties or unclarities, you can ask us for an assessment at any time.

Financing and Reliability

As soon as a rental contract is concluded, a deposit and the first month's rent must usually be paid before arrival.
Beware of fraud: Particularly in the case of offers from private individuals, no money should be transferred without a legally binding contract.

Landlord's Confirmation of Residence/ Wohnungsgeberbestätigung

For stays of 3 months or more, this document is required for the registration with the city within 2 weeks of arrival. This should be considered when booking accommodation, as not all accommodation providers can issue this confirmation (hotels, holiday homes, etc.).

Visa and Residence Law

Non-EU nationals:
An apartment can only be arranged as soon as a valid visa is available.
For a residence permit, proof of at least 12m²/person of living space must be provided.

Forms and Communication

Please always keep us up to date with your housing search. In the case of available offers, a quick decision and communication is required, as offers cannot usually be reserved exclusively and therefore expire quickly.

Visits by Guests

Visits by guests are not permitted in every rental apartment, as this can – depending on the duration of the visit – have an impact on consumption costs.
If not specified in the rental contract, planned visits should always be cleared with the housing provider.

Arrival and Key Handover

The handover of keys is arranged individually with the housing provider directly; the arrival should be planned accordingly.
For legal reasons, the Welcome Service is not available for the handover of keys.

Application form for housing search assistance

Information for Landlords

The Welcome Service is always looking for furnished accommodation for internationally mobile researchers who are planning a stay at the University of Augsburg. We work closely with landlords and are constantly expanding our network.


If you are interested in cooperating with the Welcome Service in finding accommodation for international researchers, please send us a message ( welcome@aaa.uni-augsburg.de); we would be happy to introduce our service to you in more detail.


We look forward to hearing from you!

General Information about Living in Augsburg

You can see a list of common abbreviations in the housing market here .

Augsburg is divided into different districts. For better orientation, you can download a map of the city districts here .

In Germany, a broadcasting fee is levied to finance public service broadcasting, such as radio, television and the internet. 


The current fees can be viewed via the respective fee adjustment (ger.: “Beitragsanpassung“) (as of August 2021: 18,36 EUR).


The fee is charged monthly for each household regardless of the number of persons and number of appliances in the household.


Once you move to Germany, you have to register online or by post. If you do not register on your own and if you have not already been registered by your landlord, you will automatically receive a payment notice after you have registered with the city.


Further information can be found here.

When brokering a rental flat, it is common practice in Germany to charge an agent's commission. The so-called "buyer's principle" applies here; the broker is paid by the person who has ordered their services.


As a rule, the agent is entitled to a commission if they have been commissioned to let a flat, presents a prospective tenant to the landlord and a tenancy agreement is then concluded.

Please keep in mind that generally, a rental security/deposit of up to three net (cold) rents must be paid for the period of the tenancy.


You will receive the full deposit back after moving out, provided that you leave the apartment as agreed at the handover or in the rental agreement.


Please note that if you cause any defects and/or heavy wear and tear, parts of the deposit may be retained by the landlord in order to repair any damage that has occurred.

Anyone registering their flat in Germany must submit a "Wohnungsgeberbestätigung” (engl. housing provider confirmation). The "Wohnungsgeber” (engl. housing provider) is, for example, your landlord, a person appointed by the landlord or the main tenant of the flat if you are a subtenant.


Please bring your passport and the completed housing provider confirmation with you if you want to register or re-register. You can find more information here.

Please note that waste is separated in Augsburg. You can download a waste guide here . You can find more information on waste disposal in Augsburg here.