The University of Augsburg was founded by the Free State of Bavaria as a reform university. According to its motto " Scientia et Conscientia," its aim is to increase knowledge conscientiously through research, teaching and studies and to take social responsibility for such knowledge. The unrestricted freedom of all to increase knowledge, acquire knowledge and preserve knowledge is its obligation. In the exercise of its autonomy, it sees itself as a cooperative centre of culture and science. This mission statement is concretised in guiding principles.


Education, Teaching, and Research

The University of Augsburg is committed to the unity of teaching and research. The objective of its teaching is the capacity for academic learning through research and for the independent acquisition of scientific methods and knowledge. It promotes independent action and social responsibility. It contributes to personal and public education by increasing knowledge, acquiring knowledge and preserving knowledge in education and further training.



The University of Augsburg provides a broad range of education and further training opportunities for the realisation of its educational mission. It maintains the traditional fields of knowledge and at the same time is open to new ideas. It promotes interdisciplinary teaching, learning and research. It assures the quality of teaching by evaluation of its courses of study.


Focal Points

The University of Augsburg sets the focal areas of its fields of activity according to its mission statement. It takes into account societal needs and seeks additional financial support from third parties. It preserves the freedom of research and teaching as well as political opinion. It promotes the factual equality of men and women.



The university manages and scrutinises itself. It requires the willingness of all members of the university to cooperate in this. Its management respects the principle of subsidiarity and delegates responsibility. The management of funds is based on fair performance.



As a part of the international academic community, the University of Augsburg promotes exchanges with universities at home and abroad at all levels for the common benefit. All people are welcomed by it as students, researchers and teachers with no social and cultural restrictions. It maintains links with the university region and keeps in continuous contact with regional partners in culture, politics and business.



The university promotes the discussion of social and university policy issues and expresses its opinion on them. Its work in research and teaching makes it comprehensible to the public. It awakens their interest and justifies their support and trust. Its members have a special responsibility for this within the scope of their professional competence.