Center for Lifelong Learning (CLL)

The Center for Lifelong Learning (CLL) offers individual courses, including professional development training for working professionals, managers, and companies. Topics include consulting, compliance, corporate finance, marketing and sales, leadership and communication, risk management, process and change management, and further legal training.

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Music Therapy (M.A.)

In the master’s degree programme in music therapy students acquire knowledge about the methods used in music therapy and their application, as well as practical musical and self-reflective skills. The aim of the programme is to acquire specialised skills in music therapy which can be applied to diverse tasks within the health, social, and education sectors. The programme includes two music therapy internships. Upon completion, graduates will have attained a restricted licence to practise psychotherapy in Bavaria.

Ein Trommelset als Symbolbild für den Master Musiktherapie

Theologia spiritualis (M.A.)

In this part-time master’s degree programme, students gain an in-depth understanding of Christian spirituality. Students will acquire an understanding of its biblical foundations and their historical development, as well as of practical and systematic aspects of Christian theology. The degree programme represents a supplementary qualification for those working within the church.

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Teacher Training: Mediation between Religions (Certificate)

This supplementary certificate in interreligious mediation teaches the fundamentals of interreligious education from a peace education perspective, where the focus is on preventing religious discrimination. It includes basic knowledge of the monotheistic religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, in the context of other world religions and the world views of various philosophical traditions. It offers the possibility for specialisation in the areas of childhood or youth research, interreligious discourse with constitutive scriptures, the theology of interreligious dialogue, and ethical and legal aspects with respect to interreligious encounters and projects.

Zertifikat interreligiöse Mediation Symbolbild

De Processibus Matrimonialibus (Certificate)

The University of Augsburg offers this supplementary certificate as training for counsellors in conducting ecclesiastical marriage annulment proceedings. Students are introduced to the basics of Catholic canon law and ecclesiastical marriage and procedural law.