If you would like to study, there are many questions you have to consider. There are also many new terms and regulations to understand: What is a higher education entrance qualification? What are the admission requirements for my desired degree programme? How do I enrol? On this webpage, you can find out about the application and enrolment process at the University of Augsburg, including answers to such questions as: Which steps do I have to complete first? Are there any specific rules that apply to my degree programme when it comes to admission and enrolment? What do I do if I would like to study more than one degree programme at the same time?

I have questions about ...


... admission requirements

What admission requirements do I have to fulfil to be able to study at the University of Augsburg?

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... application

How do I apply for a degree programme at the University of Augsburg? What things do I have to consider before applying?

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... enrolment

I have applied to study at the University of Augsburg. What are the next steps?

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... aptitude assessment processes or tests

Is it necessary to complete an aptitude assessment process or test for my chosen degree programme or subject?

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... studying a double degree

If you want to study more than one degree programme at the same time, you have to request to study a double degree.

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... changing degree programmes or subjects

If you already study at the University of Augsburg and would like to change degree programmes or subjects, you can find out more here.

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... changing university

I would like to change universities. What do I need to know?

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Three steps to studying at the University of Augsburg


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Step 1: Searching for the right degree programme

You can browse the wide range of degree programmes offered by the University of Augsburg online. Under degree programmes, you can find information about all of the programmes currently offered.



Degree programmes



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Step 2: Online application

An online application is required for all degree programmes in which personal data is submitted to the university. During the online application, you will also be informed if you are required to submit any specific documentation.

Please note: For some degree programmes, you may be required to take part in an aptitude assessment process or test. Please take note of the relevant registration deadlines, which may be prior to the actual application deadlines (application deadlines are noted in the degree programme description).





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Step 3: Enrolment

Enrolment is preferably done at the Registrar’s Office. Through enrolment, you become a member of the University of Augsburg. Please take note of the enrolment deadlines. 




Student Hotline

Do you have any general questions about your studies? About applying, enrolling, re-registering, taking a leave of absence, examinations, or scholarships?
Contact our student hotline: +49 (0)821 598-1111.

Find out more about the student hotline.