Package of measures: “Forschungspotenziale besser nutzen!”

The University of Augsburg and its faculties have shown a high degree of success in acquiring third-party funded projects, having increased their overall volume of third-party funding in recent years. Yet it is still the goal of the university and its faculties to make even better use of existing research potential in order to acquire high-ranking third-party funded projects that enable research at the highest level. Publishing high-quality research is not only the result of third-party funding but also a necessary prerequisite for successfully acquiring third-party funding.

It's against this background that the university executive and the faculties have decided to strengthen research at the University of Augsburg both in general and in particular in order to further attract high-level third-party funding. In the package of measures “Forschungspotenziale besser nutzen” (Making better use of research potential), several support measures and incentives are provided for. The aim is to develop even stronger group research proposals (e.g., for doctorate programmes, DFG research units, and Collaborative Research Centres). However, the strength of group proposals must be developed through the continued success of individual proposals.

Promoting the acquisition of high-quality third-party funding

A central component of the package of measures is an internal university programme to promote research projects that prepare for high-level third-party funded projects.

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Strengthening academic research culture

With preparatory events and associated measures, the University of Augsburg aims to promote the acquisition of high-ranking third-party funding, thereby strengthening the university’s academic research culture.

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Support through the research centres

The University of Augsburg’s research centres offer comprehensive research support, including support in the preparation of research project proposals in their respective areas.

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Research support

The University of Augsburg offers comprehensive support and advisory services in connection with the preparation of a research project proposal and its implementation.

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Dr. Heike Schröder
Referentin für Forschung
University of Augsburg