Discover our campus and the University of Augsburg’s broad research profile. The following research videos provide insight into the university’s diverse research projects, from historical book collections to Artificial Intelligence and experimental physics. (This page is under construction and is continually updated.)

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Materials Resource Management

Materials Resource Management

From research conducted at ultra-low temperatures to researching hydrogen and new materials for use in manufacturing of the future, the focus of the Institute for Materials Resource Management (MRM) is on the development of new materials and processes for greater resource efficiency in industry-related fields. International scientists are working on the development of promising solutions, including hydrogen technology and lightweight construction.

Insights: Institute for Software & Systems Engineering

Institute for Software & Systems Engineering

The Institute for Software & Systems Engineering (ISSE) is researching swarm intelligence and its application to drones and other robots. How can Artificial Intelligence help in the computer-aided design of components? What opportunities are provided by the interaction between humans and robots? The institute is addressing these questions and more. With state-of-the-art facilities, the institute offers students and researchers alike the optimal conditions for research and learning.

Experimental Physics

Physics and Life Sciences

Researching nanostructures, gaining insights into quantum matter with methods from experimental and theoretical physics, and better understanding the physics and chemistry of biological systems are all part of the Physics and Life Sciences profile at the University of Augsburg. Physics and life sciences at Augsburg are also excellently positioned in both fundamental and applied research. Since 2021, soft, active, and living matter has also been the subject of research.

Analogue and digital manuscripts and prints

Languages and Literature

Linguistics and communication, and the study of human language and literature as forms of manifestation, stand at the centre of this field of research. Research topics and projects in this field are as multifaceted as language and literature at the University of Augsburg.

Artificial intelligence

Data and Artificial Intelligence

The application of well-known Artificial Intelligence methods and the research and development of new ones for processing large amounts of data pose a great challenge. The path from big data to smart data and the interaction between humans and machines is therefore an important and promising field of research at the University of Augsburg. The focus of many predominantly interdisciplinary research projects is on fundamental questions concerning Artificial Intelligence and its further development, as well as its societal application in areas such as manufacturing, medicine, teaching and learning, and assistance in everyday life.