A diverse world of research as well as committed students, lecturers, and staff shape life at the University of Augsburg. Let yourself be inspired by the university’s research and experience a taste of campus life through the university’s media.

Research supplement in the Augsburger Allgemeine

The research supplement is an eight-page themed supplement produced each semester in cooperation with the Augsburger Allgemeine. It appears in the full edition of the Augsburger Allgemeine. Publication date: 2 February 2023

Editorial team: Press office of the University of Augsburg: Michael Hallermayer, Corina Härning, and Dr Manuela Rutsatz




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Videos of the University of Augsburg

Discover our campus and the University of Augsburg’s broad research profile. The following research videos provide insight into the university’s diverse research projects, from historical book collections to Artificial Intelligence and experimental physics.




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With eight faculties including a leading medical faculty, the University of Augsburg is focused on the major topics of our time in both research and teaching: How can we adapt to climate change? Where does the use of Artificial Intelligence benefit our society? How do we best prepare our children for the future?

Find out more about studying, researching, and working at the University of Augsburg.

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Podcast “UniA to go”

As the name of the podcast suggests, each podcast episode features tips and tricks “to go” that are not only helpful for first-year students at the University of Augsburg. Two students, Nina Lacher and Sara Nußbaum, invite staff from various institutions on campus to provide insights into what the university’s services have to offer.




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Selected lectures and speeches from events organised by the University of Augsburg were published in the series “Universitätsreden.” The series is currently no longer in production.

Current issue 82

Climate and Environmental Research in Physical Geography

Farewell lecture by Prof. Dr Jucundus Jacobeit




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