Your time as a student shapes you for your whole life: knowledge, people and contact with the academic world. The aim of our alumni network is to ensure that academic and personal contacts continue after graduation between former students as well as with their "old" university.

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Getting started at work

You have completed your degree and are ready for work. What steps and strategies are helpful in looking for an internship and a job? What makes a good application? But which job would suit me, how do I apply and what opportunities are there for me? The university also provide support for its students here.

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Become an entrepreneur!

At the university, students have access to a range of advisory services relating to entrepreneurship and self-employment: from briefings on ideas, patent counselling and business model development advice to financing support, including funding programmes such as EXIST.

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Your continuing development

Doctoral degree

The path to the highest academic degree awarded by universities in Germany is achieved through the doctoral degree. In this academic qualification phase, the future holders of a doctorate carry out intensive research on a specific topic.

Part-time study

Various further education programmes are offered especially for professional people, which are specifically designed for part-time study and to deepen your knowledge and skills in a specialist field.

Further education offers

The university also offers up-to-date know-how for your professional life, based on the current state of science and research. Find out about our many offers, from short seminars through to certificate courses.