Alumni Testimonial_Boccafoschi
They were some of the most beautiful and eventful years of my life. I met people there who enriched my life and true friends who accompany me until today.

Maria Emanuela Boccafoschi

Alumni Testimonial_Awad
That time was one of the best in my life. I learned a lot and found good friends. That's why I miss Augsburg.

Elias Awad

Alumni Testimonial_Popenya
I have very good memories of my studies in Augsburg. It was always exciting and has enriched my life with many great friendships.

Anastassiya Popenya

Alumni Testimonial_Ahmed
For me, studying at the University of Augsburg was a gift. The freedoms one has here as a student were unthinkable during my student days during the totalitarian regime in Iraq. I met good friends at the University of Augsburg, with whom I still keep in touch.

Ahmed Alqassimi

Alumni Testimonial_Pankratova
That was the most exhausting, most interesting and most beautiful time of my studies and life. Everything I learned and did in the past has been put on a new basis.

Dr. Olga Pankratova

Alumni Testimonial_Anjankumar
The international students share their experiences with each other, they live and work together (...) Augsburg is my second home.

Anjankumar Gopishetty

The network for international alumni of the University of Augsburg

The alumni network of the University of Augsburg has been in existence since the year 2000. Both former foreign students and guest researchers are members of the international Augsburg Alumni Network, to which around 550 people from 85 countries now belong. The network is supervised by Dr. Sabine Tamm at the International Office.



The network focuses on mutual contact and exchange of experience among the alumni. The dialog that the alumni enter into with each other is promoted and therefore the long-term contact with each other and with the University of Augsburg is maintained. The alumni project brings together former and current students and gives them the opportunity to maintain contact with their university and to use the network for their professional and personal development.



The Alumni Network offers the following services to its members:


IMPORTANT: The alumni membership, the services and all offers listed here can be used by Augsburg alumni free of charge!

Foreign students receive three points for their membership in the international alumni network for the certificate for international key competences.

Becoming a member


Head of
International Office

All information about the Alumni Augsburg International Network can be found in this flyer